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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


THE FOLLOWING IS THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF MY GUEST COLUMN SEGMENT. THE VIEWS ARE THOSE OF THE WRITER AND NOT THOSE OF D. JACOB MILLER OR SPOON FULL OF TRUTH (ALTHOUGH I MIGHT AGREE WITH THEM). PLEASE ENJOY! CHECK BACK THIS WEEK FOR ANOTHER OFFICIAL SPOON, FULL OF TRUTH POST. She is blonde, shapely, and long legged with a knack for wearing short skirts. She is not quite as dumb as her opinions often make her appear. No, I am not talking about Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson. I am referring to Ann Coulter, who is laughing her head off on the way to the bank thanks to a public who cannot resist being fleeced. Ann, the neo-cons favorite bimbo and "political" pundit, is busy shamelessly promoting her latest book in an effort to cash in on the tragedy of 9/11 before the public loses all interest in the events of that day. Her supporters, who relish the claptrap she is out selling, are gobbling up copies faster than a speeding bullet fired by Dick Cheney at the face of a friend. That I can understand. They want raw meat. They want to see their political rivals mangled and mauled. The sad part is that some of the big bookstore chains and the TV talk shows are helping promote this shill (and con artist) sell even more copies of her book. Instead of focusing on important events like the war in Iraq or the turmoil in Somalia or global warning, or better yet promoting the book of an lesser known writer who really has something to add to the public discourse, the talk shows and bookstores are helping Annie fleece the public. Proving once again that sleaze sells.
I would urge you to let the major book chains know that they should avoid promoting a self promoter , who really doesn't need the help to sell her
venom . Likewise let the talk shows know that we don't need to see another shill trying to hype her book by making asinine statements that are designed to boost sales. We need to demand more from the major book chains and the TV talk shows. Give us real news and real opinions from responsible authors. Please no more from Ann, who if she was 50 years old and wore a house-dress would not even be of the slightest interest to talk shows or the major book chains.
--Jay Fanyal


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay and Spoon--there was an article in the Metro this morning about how Ann has copied many passages in her new book from several other sources. There is evidence word for word of entire sentences...why do I doubt there will be a James Frey sized hoopla about this...

June 13, 2006 11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the David Letterman show the other night:"You know anything about this Ann Coulter ? She's some kind of commentator or political thing. She goes around yacking and she got herself into alot of trouble.
She has made some crazy statements about9/11 , and coincidentally Al Gore has produced a new documentary all about Ann Coulter.
I believe its called an 'Inconvenient bitch.'
Here's what we know about Ann Coulter. She's blonde, she's single , and well,maybe someone will set her up with O. J."

June 13, 2006 2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out buzzflash.com and scroll down to the entry entitled: This Week's Top Ten Conserative Idiots 6/12.

Ann makes the list at # 6.

June 13, 2006 2:47 PM  
Anonymous Jay Fanyal said...

Joe Conason, a wonderful journalist , has a terrific piece in the New York Observer (www.observer.com)on the failure of Senator McCain and Senator Lieberman,the Senate sponsors of the bill thta created the 9/11 Commission , to speak out on behalf of the Jersey girls who were so venomously attacked by Ann the panderer Coulter. Check it out.

June 14, 2006 2:46 PM  

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