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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


EXSQUEEZE ME? UH BAKING POWDER? She's at it again. Ann Coulter opened her big mouth yet again last week and proved once more that she really can shove her entire foot in there. Maybe blonde and brainless really do go hand in hand. Last week, when speaking to a group of students at Philander Smith College, Coulter suggested that in order to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision (in order to make abortions illegal) we needed more conservative judges on the Supreme Court. The best way to do that? Easy. She suggested that we could poison one of the more liberal judges like John Paul Stevens. Is this moron serious? Isn't it bad enough that we have to go through the slow and painful death of the United States as we know it? She wants to speed the process up by just killing off all of the liberal judges? What's next Ann? Making it illegal to vote Democrat? Then we can start imprisoning people for not going to church, or fining people for sex out of wedlock. Is there any end to what this blonde bitch will suggest is good for this country just so she can see or hear herself on the evening news? Guess what? Making the news for a segment on morons is easy. Dubya has made a career of it. Your looks will soon fade like your brains have Ms. Coulter. Then you'll be as ugly on the outside as you are soulless on the inside. Ann Coulter is far from the first idiot to spout off theories for how to improve the country without adhering to silly guidelines like laws or the constitution. Here's my question, why isn't she in jail? I think it is a scary sign of how far to the right the country has swung when conservative junkies like Ann Coulter can make death threats against liberal Supreme Court judges and have no action taken against her. What do you think would happen if James Carville started going college to college and suggested that we poison Dubya and Cheney so that Roe v. Wade would no longer be in jeopardy? Bush would site the patriot act and find a way to throw him in jail (and keep him there). All the major news networks would report on it. But we don't hold conservatives to the same standards as liberals in this country. Conservatives can say anything that want and get away with it. Yet anyone who even attempts to question the Bush regime is labeled as the "Liberal Media" and is said to have unpatriotic motivation. A death threat is a death threat. Ann Coulter should be handcuffed, arrested, and thrown in jail (and perhaps in typical Republican fashion not given a trial or a bail hearing and just held indefinitely). Better yet, maybe we should ship her off to Iraq and make her fight for the Bush regime that way. I'm sure she'd have a great audience for her mindless babble in Baghdad. The people there seem very receptive to loud mouthed, opinionated women that flaunt their alleged good looks and applaud the methods of George Bush. The only things she's been successful in poisoning here are our minds, our schools, and our journalists. Please Ann, for all our sakes, just shut the fuck up. IMPEACHMENT: NOT JUST FOR BLOWJOBS ANYMORE Last night on C-SPAN (this is a hearsay account as told to me by one of my very reliable sources) Ramsey Clark outlined efforts being made to organize a movement to impeach Bush. Guess what Ramsey? Too little, too late. Today is a sad, sad day in American History. Samuel Alito has been confirmed to the Supreme Court. With the confirmation of Alito, George Bush has secured his legacy. In time, the memories of fixed elections, 9/11, the war, Katrina, and domestic spying (illegally) will fade. The lasting effect the Sam Alito will have on this country will linger on far longer. Not only was Dubya successful in allowing 9/11 to happen so that he could then use it to start a war from which he, his friends, and his family could profit; but also in also using 9/11 to pass the patriot act, elevating his powers to unchecked levels. Now with the confirmation of Samuel Alito, his second conservative appointment to the high court in a very short period of time, he has assured that the "values" of the new republican party (i.e., what would jesus do) will impact heavily upon our constitution. The line between church and state has all but vanished. The GOP members fully backed Bush on this appointment, and sadly so did 4 of the democrats (they will be called out in a future Spoon Full Of Truth). The Democrats who have allowed Dubya's cowboy antics to go dangerously unchecked could not even muster the guts for a filibuster to stop Alito's confirmation. Georgie wanted him confirmed in time to gloat at his State of the Union address, and as is all to common these days, he got his way. Now, the Democrats are talking about outlining efforts to organize a movement to impeach Bush. Outlining efforts to organize a movement? You pussies. Here's an outline, I'll help you out: #1) Give yourselves a good hard kick in the balls, it seems they may have stopped working and need a jump start. #2) You remember Ken Starr? Bill Clinton? Monica Lewinsky? Any of that ring a bell? We spent enough tax payer money to investigate Clinton's B. J. now why don't you do the same thing for the actual CRIMES that Bush committed. What's the point really though? Alito has been confirmed. You Democrats did nothing to stop it. You did nothing to stand up for the majority of us who voted democrat in 2000. You did nothing for the almost 50% who voted democrat in 2004. And you claim to represent us? to represent me? Even if the democrats do win the Presidency in 2008, the damage has already been done. The real legacy of George W. Bush is Samuel Alito, the ability for a president to make, break, bend, and twist the law as he sees fit to achieve his agenda, and in most likelihood, a woman's right to choose. DUBYA, A MAN OF HIS WORD George Bush, a liar? Say it isn't so. Maybe he has stretched the truth a little, maybe he has told one or two small white lies, but sometimes even Dubya keeps his word. "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." (August 5th 2004) Thanks for keeping your promise on this one Georgie. True to your word, you continue to find new and puzzling ways to harm both your country and your people. This pretty much speaks for itself. TIPS FOR GUYS WHO NEED TIPS I'm amazed at how many guys have told me that women are impossible to understand. Women are not impossible to understand. Some men however, are incapable of understanding them. It's not so much because women are an enigma, but more so because some men don't take the time to decipher the woman code. In order to make the dating game easier for everyone, (since I am now officially out of the game and have to live vicariously through all of my single readers) I will help you clueless gents out a bit. Starting today (and continuing from time to time in Spoon Full Of Truth) I will offer you men out there a new key to unlocking the secrets of woman. Grab a pen and paper, class is in session. The first lesson is one you should have learned at a very young age. Most young boys own a hat of some sort. Whether it be a baseball cap, winter hat (toque, to my wife), or stylish accessory, chances are, you had your head covered at some point while in the presence of a girl. If that girl ever stole the hat off of your head and put it on her head, you were privy to the Spoon Full Of Truth Rule #1 for clueless men: Chicks who steal shit off of your head and put it on their head will have sex with you. Now maybe this doesn't hold true when you're in 2nd grade. But the general rule is the same. If the girl does it in 2nd grade, she'll have the equivalent of 2nd grade sex with you (which involves something like holding hands). If the girl does it in college, you're looking at some good old fashioned college sex (mmmm....college sex). Now pay attention, because this next point is important. Just because a woman steals your hat and puts it on her head doesn't mean you have the right to have sex with her. It means she's ripe for being convinced. So don't screw it up. Next time, we'll work on ways to make it from this initial signal that the girl is interested, to the next step: closing the deal. In the mean time, every one run out and buy a hat. If a girl tries to steal it off of your head, play hard to get, but let her win. Letting her take the baseball cap off the big head, might lead to a jimmy-cap being put on the little one. (no actual women were taken advantage of in the writing of this segment) TO SUBSCRIBE OR NOT TO SUBSCRIBE I will soon be stopping my notification emails for new blog posts. You can use the subscribe button to the right (under the archives) to stay on the notification list or just make it a point to check back often. There will also soon be a new blog section that will include upcoming movie and CD reviews. The truth on your favorite actors and musicians. So why not trust me as your news source for entertainment as well? We'll see how it goes. Thanks again for reading, check back soon for another Spoon FULL of Truth.


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Oh hun, thats so sweet of you to share your smarts with others ;) Guys--listen to this man, he is suave romantic and a most excellent catch.

February 01, 2006 8:13 AM  

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