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Friday, February 24, 2006


WHAT'S THE MATTER COLONEL SANDERS? CHICKEN? We all remember the 9/11 attacks. A bunch of self righteous, suicidal guys from the middle east flew planes into some buildings and killed a few thousand people. It was awful. What has happened since then is far worse. Our own government has used this tragedy to control Americans through fear. Everyone gets scared. I'm scared right now. I'm scared that the majority of this country is filled with idiots. About six months before Bush was up for reelection, the terror alert was suddenly raised from yellow to orange. It was announced that it would stay that way until after the elections. Was this because Americans really should have been worried about another terror attack? Or was it because Dubya was scared he wouldn't win the election? That's all that terror alert scale is. The higher the alert, the more Bush feels his grip on the public is fading. Nothing more. Orange doesn't mean we're going to be attacked by terrorists. It means we are being attacked by our own government. Their weapon of choice? Fear. We always run the risk of being attacked, because we attack other people (both physically and financially). Freedom comes when you are given information and can make your own choices based on that information. It is not being scared into making a decision or acting a certain way. That's coercion. Our government likes to throw the word terrorist around a lot. What is a terrorist? Someone who doesn't agree with them? In almost any other part of the world George Bush is called a terrorist. I am in NO way condoning what the 9/11 attackers did, but they did it because in their minds, they were also fighting a war on terror and we were the terrorists. Much like we did when we attacked Iraq to topple Saddam and killed thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqi's in the process. Of course that never makes the evening news here. Only that we are spreading freedom. If freedom is forcing people to live in the way that someone else thinks is best, then we are spreading freedom. The same kind of freedom we have here. Big brother knows best. Don't think for yourself, you have a government to think for you. What's next from the Bush regime on the fear front? Stunning new information provided by Fox news? "It was reported today that anyone voting democrat is 73% more likely to catch anthrax in the event of a terrorist attack" or "Terrorists are three times more likely to attack us again if we don't all use as much gasoline and duct tape as possible." Ben Franklin once said, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." He was right. If we give up our freedoms because we were attacked, we do not deserve to have freedom. Furthermore, if we give up our freedom because George Bush and the other playground bullies try to scare us into thinking we are better off without it, maybe we shouldn't have had it in the first place. CORPORATE AMERICA AND FEAR SITTING IN A TREE, F-U-C-K YOU AND ME The Bush regime aren't the only ones who want to control us through fear. At some point selling people things they need was no longer enough. Next came selling people things they want. Then came the time of telling people what they want. Now? Scaring people into thinking they need it. "Cool people wear these clothes, if you don't wear them, you aren't cool" "You don't love a woman if you don't lavish her with diamonds, don't you love your wife?" Why not take it a step further? "Sophisticated beer experts have concluded a study that shows that men who drink Bud are 78% more likely to have a small penis than those who drink Miller. What does your beer say about you?" I bet you wouldn't see too many guys at the bar sucking down bottles of Bud. The commercials might not be real, but the stigma attached to men who drink Bud would be. Do you think a bunch of men would order a round of Bud from the sexy bartender? Think about the message it would send. "Me and my three friends over there would all like a cold Bud to help us forget about our small dicks." Message received, loud and clear. There is nothing more likely to make a person buy something than the fear that they will be any more fat, any less hip, or any more unattractive if they don't buy it. Consequently I should let you all know that you are much more likely to succumb to ignorance if you don't read this blog on a regular basis. It's 100% guaranteed (not guaranteed). Ever notice how many products are offered "for a limited time only"? That's just to scare people into thinking that if they don't rush right out and buy it, that they will miss their chance. How many times have you bought something because it's trendy and you don't want to seem uncool? How many stupid guys buy Axe body spray because they think it'll actually help them attract women? They'd be better off spending that four dollars to buy a clue. How about diet pills? They all claim to help you lose weight. Then, in the fine print, it says both, "Results not typical" and "in conjunction with proper diet and exercise." Of course it works with proper diet and exercise. Proper diet and exercise would go a long way for an overweight American without the stupid pill. Invent a pill that makes me lose weight while I'm sitting on the couch, watching TV, and eating Cheetos. That I'd buy. We are all controlled through fear. From who we vote for, to what we buy. And somewhere in a corporate board room, some bigwigs are laughing and wiping their asses with our hard earned money. Those guys are scared too. They are scared of love. They are scared of tolerance. They are scared of acceptance. Why? Because in a society where people accept, tolerate, and love each other, people cannot be scared into having their decisions made for them. In a world like that there would not be a fear of making the wrong or unpopular decision. And that is what these corporations fear the most. PORT OF NO RETURN When I was a little kid I used to push my parents limits just to see what I could get away with. If I dropped a little piece of cake on the floor and it didn't bother them, I next dropped a little more, and eventually the entire cake. I think that's what Dubya is up to with this port scandal. So far none of his astounding blunders have brought him any consequences. Why not push a little further? Sure, let's hand our ports over to the same people we claim to be fighting against. I guess it's along the lines of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." We might as well turn our airports over to Iran. Handing U.S. ports over to the U.A.E. is like asking Rush Limbaugh to keep an eye on your pain medication or making David Duke the head of the NAACP. Doesn't seem like the smartest decision. The U.A.E. was proven to have had a hand in the 9/11 attacks. Maybe we should give them the contract to rebuild the World Trade Centers too. Bush claimed that he didn't know about the sale of the security firm until only days ago, that his administration approved it without him. And why bother to tell Congress about it? They've got his back. Congress knows what's best for America right? And Bush knows what's best for Congress. It all works out. You could always run the risk that someone in Congress might disagree with him though, and then he'd have to be bothered vetoing silly bills that would stop the sale. It's clear that this is all just a game to Bush. Clinton beat George Sr. in 1992. Then Clinton got impeached for a blow job. Dubya is just trying to show Clinton who's boss. "You got impeached for a blow job? I can get away with anything. Watch this. I'll hand our ports over to the same people I claim to be fighting and no one will do shit to stop me. Suck on that Clinton." Dubya doesn't care who he hurts in the process as long as he proves his point. He's president. He can do whatever he wants to do. And he's right, unless the public, Congress, and the media finally make a stand and give him his comeupance. If not, he'll keep trying to one up himself. Don't be surprised if his next move is to replace George Washington on the one dollar bill with Osama Bin Laden. At least then we'd all know where he is. AMERICAN IDOL: WHO DO YOU HATE? I've been watching American Idol along with tens of millions of other people. I can't say I was surprised by any of the people who were voted off. None of them were going to win anyway. I shouldn't say they were voted off, they just weren't voted on to the next round. The show would be a lot more fun for me if, instead of voting for your favorites, you could vote off the people you didn't like. I hate Ace. He's a pretty boy and I don't appreciate the way he tries to eye-fuck everyone through the TV. Your magic doesn't work on me Ace. If you could vote against people, I'd call in a few hundred times to vote against him. Especially because I know that no women would be voting against him. Even my wife wanted to re-watch his performance of George Michael's father figure. George Michael is gay sweetheart. He didn't want to be your father figure. He wanted to be mine. Luckily, I already have a father. I also can't stand Gideon. He looks like David Allen Greer doing a skit about someone singing on In Living Color. Stop smiling all the time, it's annoying. I'd be happy to phone in a few times to vote him off as well. And Sway? I think he sucks too. Who's he think he is? The Latin Usher? For the last time, Michael Jackson is not a genre of music. And let's not forget the ladies. There's that basketball chick who looks like a dude. I'd vote her off. Brenna can go too. She's annoying and always making stupid faces because she thinks she looks good. She doesn't. The really fat chick can stay though, at least she can sing. I also think people give Simon too hard a time. At least he's honest. Paula and Randy shouldn't interrupt him so often to tell him he's wrong. He doesn't do that to them. And honestly, most of the people Simon criticizes, deserve it. Next season, I think they should move to the "vote off the people you hate" format. They can give me credit for it when they do. THE WEEKEND COMES BUT ONCE A WEEK Sounds like something George Bush would say, doesn't it? It's almost the weekend again. Time to kick up your feet and relax. Time for a big time college match up between Villanova and Uconn this Sunday. Villanova beat Uconn less than two weeks ago and that was considered an upset. This time, when Villanova wins again, it will prove they are the better team. I plan on spending a nice weekend with the wife, catching up on some movies I rented, packing for my trip to Madrid on Tuesday, and doing a little last second shopping. See you all next week for another Spoon Full of Truth


Blogger Michele Leigh said...

LOOOOVE the Osama bin Laden on the dollar bill comment. Hysterical. In a sick, twisted way, of course! But once again, excellent recap of the week's events under Bush. I look forward to the next one.

February 24, 2006 9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we should have a $ bill with Cheney's picture on it with the following inscription, "In Halliburton We Trust, or else I will shoot you in the fucking face ."

February 27, 2006 9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we should have a $ bill with Cheney's picture on it with the following inscription, "In Halliburton We Trust, or else I will shoot you in the fucking face ."

February 27, 2006 9:58 AM  
Blogger RBZ said...

George Michael was dating a woman during the Faith days...she's in the I Want Your Sex video (thank you Pop-Up Video!)...he only came outta the closet later (wearing those short-shorts from that Wham! video). Just thought I'd share.

PS - Ace is HOT! Your woman has good taste (besides obvious reasons).

February 27, 2006 5:12 PM  

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