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Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Hi ho, RBZ here, your friendly Spoon Full of Truth guest columnist. I’m really not one for politics; I don’t even like The Daily Show (gasp!) I often find politics totally boring, not unlike many Americans in their twenties. Big announcement here, hold on to your hats: I didn’t vote in the last election. Why? Why bother. Do you really think Kerry is so different than Bush? Maybe he’d get us out of Iraq, and boy do I believe we need to, but I’m certain he’d replace it with a whole new bag o’ problems. Cronyism has always found its way into Washington, whether your name is Bush, Reagan, or even the dear Saint Clinton. Anyone remember when Clinton pardoned Marc Rich right before he left office (and I mean right before, like the luggage is packed and by the door, ready to roll to that dee-lux apartment in the Harlem sky)? Anyone remember Marc Rich, the dude who’d been a fugitive since 1983, fleeing to Switzerland just before he was indicted in the United States for allegedly evading more than $48 million in taxes, committing fraud and participating in illegal oil deals with Iran (and later Iraq)? And Clinton let him off the hook, all courtesy of former wife Denise Rich’s pocketbook, with a $1,000,000 check made straight to the DNC, and another hefty check with Mrs. Hilary Rodham Clinton’s Senate campaign’s name on it. And now Marc Rich is free, and we’re bearing the brunt of his foibles with Iran, and we should definitely be worrying about Iran right about now, ladies n’ gents. Hey, thanks for handing over loads of cash to Iran during the US hostage situation, probably helping to fund their future nuclear capabilities, Marc! Thanks for being part of Iraq’s Oil for Food scandal, Marc! (PS – If you need anymore convincing of his corruption – Marc Rich’s lawyer = Scooter Libby). And now they’ve unleashed former wife Denise Rich, free to get as much plastic surgery as her face can support and make crappy Grammy-award winning music (since the Grammy’s these days are certainly no measure of good music. U2? Come on!!!) That’s almost as troubling as our troubles with Iran.

So, you may be wondering, if I don’t really like politics, and claim not to follow them, and don’t even watch The Daily Show, how do I know all this stuff? Pretty simple answer here: I’m not an idiot. And neither are the other apathetic twenty-something Americans who don’t vote. We see snippets of the news shows in that filler time right before “Robot Chicken” starts (damn 15 minute Cartoon Network shows). We read the newspaper over that bag lady’s shoulder on the train on the way to work in the morning. We scan the front page of CNN.com before heading over to the gossip section to read about Pete Doherty’s latest drug fiasco. But we don’t like what we see. Right now, Social Security is nothing more to me than some annoying deduction taken out of my astonishingly low bi-weekly paycheck. Iraq is some far-off imaginary place where no one I know is fighting. Osama is some dude I know we will never catch because if they do, who will they make fun of on Saturday Night Live?

Not since the “Boxers or Briefs” era has anyone made an attempt to speak to me. I’m me, I care about me, I care about others who care about me, so it makes sense that I would want to care about someone who cares about me in the political realm too, right? Unfortunately, I’m too broke to pay for someone to care about me in Washington, DC, and that’s what it takes these days.

If we want real reform to take place, we need to have a president who will speak to the young folks of America. I mean, government cheese and Section 8 housing exists for the poor of America, right? What about the young people of America who work 50-60 hour weeks on so-called “professional” occupations, but still have to live with their parents because they can’t afford to live on their own? This is a growing trend in our country, and though I continually work 50+ hour weeks (not including the 2 hour daily commute because I can’t afford to live anywhere near the multi-million dollar real estate surrounding my Manhattan office), I can’t afford to live on my own, either. Thank God, I don’t live with my folks, but I can’t live without their handouts. I know I’m not even close to the only one out there embroiled in this scenario. We’re not eligible for public assistance because we make too much money. We can’t afford proper health care (and often go without it), we can barely feed, clothe, and put roofs over our heads. We don’t get tax breaks, we don’t get help, so what do we get? We get screwed.

So why should I vote for you? Why should I give you an hour of my very precious free time to pull a lever for you? All I get from you, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents alike is a chance to be bent over and rammed from behind. Great. Just what I always wanted.

Now you see why I am apolitical. I’d rather spend my time on things I care about, like my friends, my family (including my newborn baby niece Eden Bella who is the most beautiful creature in the world), my music. Speaking of which, if you had a chuckle here today, check out my blog, all about music, ‘cause that’s what I know: http://thegeekery.blogspot.com/. You’ll like it, ‘cause I said so, and also, you’ll find some good tunes. Who can argue with that? Well I could probably argue with that. Shuddup.
Props to my boy D. Jacob Miller. All opinions contained herein belong to RBZ and not D. Jacob Miller. If you got beef, leave him out of it, or I’ll cap gun yo’azz. RBZ, out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff ! I also find myself wondering why do I continue to vote.By and large, the candidates are all cut from the same cloth.And most, if not all, will end up disappointing me with their performance in office.Nevertheless, I feel that if I do not vote or raise my voice in opposition to the Bush candidacy or the Bush agenda that I will be giving tacit approval to that which I cannot tolerate.I always think about that great comment,First they came for the trade unionists,and I did not speak up, then they came for the jews,and I did not speak up, then for the catholics ,and I did not speak up, and then they came for me , and there was no one left to speak up.
In any event, I look forward to visiting your blog for some good tunes !

February 21, 2006 2:58 PM  

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