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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


CHINA AND JAPAN IN BIDDING WAR TO BUY AMERICA Here are some facts about the war in Iraq. A war that Dubya declared over well over a year ago. The cost of this "war" to the United States is 10 Billion dollars per month. Per MONTH. The total cost so far is more than half a Trillion dollars. With a price tag like this, the U.S. has been borrowing money like crazy from both China and Japan just to keep our country afloat. If U.S. debt was like a collection of famous paintings, China and Japan would have the most astounding collections in the world. Couldn't we have just bought all of Iraq's oil for 500 Billion dollars? Or is this about more than oil? Osama Bin Laden became angry at the U.S. because we had military bases in Saudi Arabia so he attacked America. Our government's response? Invent stories of WMD's, invent stories of Iraq's connection to 9/11, invade Iraq, control their oil, and, most importantly, build military bases there. Our response to being attacked because we have military bases in the middle east, is to build more military bases in the middle east. That's like some guy beating you up because you slept with his sister and never called her again, so you decide to get even by doing the same thing to his mother. Do you think he'll just let it slide the second time and figure that if you didn't learn your lesson the first time that you never will? Or do you think he'll kick your ass even more severely? My money is on the ass kicking. All the U.S. is doing, is giving Osama and his followers what they see as reason for another, larger attack on American soil. Bush claims he's trying to get our soldiers out of Iraq as soon as possible. Then why are we building four major military bases there, one of which has a Burger King, Pizza Hut, and a full car dealership? It's simple. We're not leaving Iraq any time soon. The U.S. wants military bases in the middle east and this was the best way Dubya's goons could think of to get them. So we borrow billions and billions of dollars from China and Japan to fund this effort. It doesn't stop there. The new U.S. port security deal was awarded to a Chinese company with a no-bid contract. Coincidence? I doubt it. IRAN, IRAN SO FAR AWAY When we first invaded Iraq three years ago, we disbanded 400,000 Iraqi soldiers without first disarming them. They are now using these weapons, in many cases, to fight our military. Why should we have disarmed them though? We gave them the weapons in the first place. That's right, when the U.S. viewed Iran as the biggest threat in the middle east not all that long ago, we supplied Saddam and his army with plenty of weapons so they could fight Iran. Then, when we decided later that Saddam was the bigger threat, we invaded Iraq. The outcome? Iran has become the big winner of the war with Iraq. With U.S. forces tied up in Iraq for years and years to come, Iran has started a new nuclear weapons program. And why not? We don't have the resources to invade them too. Let me sum this up. We give Iraq weapons to fight Iran. We then invade Iraq and disband their army without disarming it. Many of those former soldiers become insurgents and attack us with the weapons we gave them. Meanwhile, we are so busy fighting the Iraqi's we supplied with weapons, that we allow Iran to do pretty much whatever it wants. Does this make sense to anyone? I guess Dubya plan is to spend many more years in Iraq, build bases, let Iran return to power, and then team up with Iraq and attack Iran again. Then, when that's all over, we can let the Iraqi's keep the weapons again so that we can attack them again when Jeb runs for President. I'm sure he's just looking out for future generations of military personnel. Otherwise, they might be out of a job, and if there's one thing George Bush can't stand, it's unemployment. SPOON, FULL OF TRUTH: QUOTE OF THE WEEK "I'm from Washington, I don't have all of this intellectual firepower" Jack Kingston, (R) Georgia. I don't think I can say anything more about this. 'Nuff said. I BID YOU A FOND FAREWELL Take a little time to take in your daily truth, before I hit you with some more hard hitting news later in the week. Comments are always appreciated. You keep reading 'em, I'll keep writing 'em.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spoonful - you make some excellent points. It should be clear now that Bush was determined to go to war against Iraq even if the UN arms inspectors failed to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.I think what is also becoming apparent is that control of the oilfields was a critical factor in the decision to go to war.Whenever the administration says its not about the oil , you can rest assured it is about the oil.

March 28, 2006 3:27 PM  

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